Philosophy - Eugenia Antoniou


The product is the tangible reality, the result of observation through an experiential, ”by contact” almost, aesthetic and sensory relationship with nature -as the only available, integral, functional system- and the processing of the data accumulated and acquired knowledge through imagination. Design constitutes the designer’s attempt to approach people ”and by nature and by art”.

Direct observation of structures in nature, knowledge and skill enable the conception and creation of the final product which is ultimately dictated by the ever evolving and differentiated use, functionality and aesthetic needs. It is imbued by novelty andoriginality and meets the physical, emotional, mental and aesthetic condition of modern man. A product of resilient integrity and resourcefulness inspired by nature’s way of doing the most with the least, adjusted and adapted to the needs of modern societies.

Nature, Observation and Imagination are the basic parameters of this proposed design process, “N.O.I.”, a term that refers to the latin origin word NOS which means We. That is a work created by us as total products of nature and addressed to us either as a whole or as individuals.


Eugenia Antoniou was born in Athens, Greece, in 1990 and grew up in a small coastal town in the northwest Peloponnese. She graduated from the department of Product and System Design Engineering from the University of Aegean, in Ermoupolis, the capital of Syros island. Now, she lives in Athens, where she studies in the School of Fine Arts to enrich and delve into the empirical and theoretical knowledge regarding aesthetics and plastic arts in a broader sense.

So far she has been awarded the first prize by the municipality of Santorini for her designing proposal on municipalities’ waste bin “SABI”, which was produced and now is located in the alleys of Fira. Additionally she was awarded the frst prize at Ideas Design Competition indoor/ outdoor Led Luminaire 2014 with the luminaire “Eclipse of Rainbow”. In 2015 the “Eclipse of Rainbow” also received the Red Dot Honourable Mention – Concept Design 2015. In 2016 she was awarded for her Graphic Design “ GRAMMA” which will decorate various products in the Greek museum’s shops and on November ”Eclipse of Rainbow” was transformed to a 4 meter installation at the Liberty Square in Taipei. Public Art Festival, ”Seen the Unseen”, selected ”Eclipse of Rainbow” as a symbol of human rights regarding the multiplicity of the human being about gender. The first engineering sample of the item was simultaneously presented in the exhibition “The Light in between”, which was hosted by The Blue Dragon Art Company.




Red Dot Award
Concept Design by Red Dot


Suspended Townscape

2nd Award
“Best City Awards 2018”



“Design Cultural Products” by Greek Archeological Receipts Fund”


Eclipse of Rainbow

Honourable Mention
Concept Design by Red Dot


Eclipse of Rainbow

1st Prize
“Ideas Design Competition indoor/ outdoor Led Luminaire 2014″



1st Prize
“Waste Bin for Santorini” by the municipality of Santorini